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A)Various Tips/Tricks, tweaks and hacks for increasing performance, customization etc of :-

1)Windows Xp 2)Windows Vista 3)Internet

B)Troubleshooting section contains various tips and tricks to troubleshoot different administration and virus problems that

is caused in the system due to various reasons .

C)Learn software contains learning bytes for using various software and understanding different computer

and computing concepts

D)Careen'N'Fun contains stuff which is Just for

entertainment and knowledge nothing else

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E)Admin&Networking contains Learning bytes on Networking and administration,Currently updated with basic networking concepts, More like windows server administration, Unix,wireless networks are about to come soon.

F)Security section had A list of articles on few possible online and cyber frauds that are common in the modern cyber world.

G)Downloads section had Exclusive free and open source software hand picked by the team 9-zone.


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